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Ramadan 2022 UAE Imsak and Maghrib Timings + 30 Good Deeds

A simple calendar showing Ramadan 2022 Imsak and Maghrib timing in the United Arab Emirates to help you plan your fasting. This guide is on Dubai time but also can be used for other Emirates but simply adding or deducting a specific number of minutes as explained in the image.

We have also picked for you 30 simple good deeds anyone can plan to have them done during the holy month.

Both, the calendar and the good deed list are provided in simple JPG format that can be opened by any electronic device and in a size picked to fit your full mobile screen.

Feel free to share this Freebie with anyone in your circle and Ramadan Mubarak! 

2022 Marketing Calendar and Guide

This Calendar is designed to serve as a small guide for businesses and marketers to the UAE’s year-round events, both national and international. It is designed to help you decide how and when to run effective marketing campaigns based on coming events and a few marketing tips.

The guide is coming from our deep understanding of how different seasons over the year affects marketing actions. If you are a marketer or a business owner who manages marketing campaigns, you need to make sure you are always ready for the upcoming trends.

By all means, you want to avoid missing the opportunity to participate in a national or international event, run late preparing a greeting post on social media, or only know about a shopping festival after you see your competitors running campaigns. This document and its content is copyright of The Content Savvy FZE © 2021.

Ramadan Art

This Arabic Calligraphy Art is created by The Content Savvy and is presented here as a freebie to be used for any purposes.

Download Ramadan Art file and feel free to use it anywhere you wish. You may print it on canvas, on a pillow, on a mug or even used as a greeting card. When you download the file, you will receive a printing ready file, and .eps and a high resolution image which all are free to use for personal and non-commercial use.

Disclaimer: The art file is not supposed to be used for any sales purposes.