Ramadan 2022 UAE Imsak and Maghrib Timings + 30 Good Deeds

A simple calendar showing Ramadan 2022 Imsak and Maghrib timing in the United Arab Emirates to help you plan your fasting. This guide is on Dubai time but also can be used for other Emirates but simply adding or deducting a specific number of minutes as explained in the image.

We have also picked for you 30 simple good deeds anyone can plan to have them done during the holy month.

Both, the calendar and the good deed list are provided in simple JPG format that can be opened by any electronic device and in a size picked to fit your full mobile screen.

Feel free to share this Freebie with anyone in your circle and Ramadan Mubarak!

To Save the image from a mobile device:

  1. Long Press on the image
  2. Select “Save image”
  3. Find the image in your downloads!