Why you should consider Social Media Marketing

Mayada Al Krad|1 July 2021

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Social media for business is no longer optional. Considering that about 4 billion people are using social media all over the world, and the number is growing, social media platforms are the new way to reach and connect with people. When it comes to Social Media Marketing, marketers today are able to list down plenty of reasons for you to seriously consider social media to market your products and services and reach out to your ideal clients. 

Cost effective well planned marketing campaigns

Its effectiveness lies in the ability to target the right audience through modifying the advertisement’s demographic, location and targeted consumer options, besides the much cheaper cost when compared with traditional marketing costs.

Easy results tracking and remarketing

Another advantage is that social media marketing can be tracked and analyzed easily on spot unlike traditional marketing. Adding to that, retargeting your possible customers through placing “cookies” in their browsers, so your ads will pop to them when they visit a social media platform.

Better communication with your clients

Moreover, it helps you humanize your brand by staying in direct access to customers via chat, DMs, posts, stories and even joining communities which helps you increase relationship capital and get real, honest, and unbiased feedback on your brand.

Competitive advantage in the market 

Being on social media helps you keep an eye on your competitors and their products line. It helps you stay aware of the latest news of your industry and accordingly to stand out in the crowd. If your competitors are not on social media, you get better brand awareness and the advantages they don’t. If they are on social media, you get to play the competition fairly and don’t miss out on any key detail. 

More traffic to your website/shop

Having well directed social media accounts helps in leading traffic to your website or physical shop, which is the first goal you aim for from any marketing strategy you might follow. Most of the highly used Social Media Platforms offer you the luxury of adding all your business details in your bio/ introduction including website URL, physical address and business contact details. 

All the above mentioned considered, it is so obvious that the now and future for marketing is through social media, since it is a convenient method with a big reach and less cost.

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