2022 Marketing Trends

Marwa Al Krad | 21 December 2021

To build a strong marketing strategy for the new year, it’s always good to look at what is trendy and what is outdated. In this article, we go over few marketing tips and techniques we believe will grow and evolve in 2022.

1. Video Marketing

As you may have noticed already, all Social Media Platforms are incorporating video in their systems and furthermore, the algorithms are supporting them. We have always known that a picture is worth thousand words so imagine the power of a series of images. While videos usually take more effort to be produced, the good news is shorter videos are actually more trendy. So instead of spending your budget on 1 multi minutes long video, try utilizing it to produce several not more than 30 seconds vidoes.

2. Educational Content Marketing

Adding value to what you share with your customers has never been as important as it is today. Promoting your products even with the most creative ideas is not enough. Especially for brands who are striving to grow and compete with larger businesses. With the increasing potentials of organic marketing, one of the best ways to get your content shared by people is to make it valuable and not products-centric. Educational Content Marketing is one of the best tools for brand awareness.

3. User Generated Content

User Generated Content is probably the closest digital marketing tool to the traditional word-of-mouth marketing. People tend to trust the reviews of normal users more than any other content produced by other Marketing efforts. With the availability of Social Media platforms, User Generated Content and users recommendations became more accessible, faster and can be measurable sometimes. Brands can now reward their users for their online posted Word-of-Mouth.

4. Humanized Brands

No matter how long you try to fight it back, people like to deal with humans not with cold objects. Do you usually hate to talk with the Auto-answering machines and insist on talking to a human customer service? Yes we all do. The more you humanize your brand experience, the more you market your business successfully. There are many ways to humanize the brands and influencers marketing is just one of them. Introducing your team, engaging with your audience on social media and showing some of your behind the scenes are only few additional tips.

5. Blocked 3rd Party Cookies Effect

Your Ads will not be able to stalk people around on the web anymore. With Google announcing its serious move to blocking 3rd party cookies in 2022, Marketing will have to become more thoughtful. To improve your customer experience and to build converting strategies, you will need to focus more on your own data collection. Since 1st party cookies are still reachable and usable, we will see brands spending more efforts on improving their websites experience, developing more interesting blogs, finding alternative advertising techniques and building better organic marketing strategies.

6. AR, VR and AI

Technology has always been the right hand of Marketing and it will continue to do. After the introduction of Meta Platforms, earlier known as Facebook, a buzz was created around the Virtual and Augmented Realty world. While AR and VR provide businesses with unlimited creative opportunities to promote their products and services, AI can assist them in completing exhausting activities such as lead generation, data analysis and improved customer experience.

Marketing trends are only methods that might perform better than others. This doesn’t mean that it works for all businesses or other trends are totally gone. You will always need to study your customers needs and build strategies around their preferences. That’s why creating customer-centric content has always been the most effective approach to build converting marketing strategies.

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