How to Create Quality Social Media Ads 

Marwa Al Krad|4 November 2021

Yes Social Media Organic boost is doable, but it certainly takes time. Your faster way to reach new customers is Social Media Marketing (SMM). However, Social Media Ads if not run correctly, will turn into a total waste of money. In this article, we are highlighting the most important tips you need to note down before you go ahead with your Social Media Marketing Campaigns. 

1. Understand your goals

Make sure you define your ultimate goal from your Social Media campaigns before you start. Do you want to gain followers? Increase your brand awareness? More traffic to your website? Spend time to set out these goals in order to identify the next steps. Understanding your goals will not only help you setup your Ad mechanism but also decide on the creative media you will use.

2. Know your target audience

To use an Ad budget smartly, make sure you define your target audience demographics and interests and use that to specify your target when setting up an Ad. Try to narrow down your target as much as possible as this will help you optimize the use of your marketing budget. 

3. Choose the right platform(s)

Not all platforms are the best for your business. Choose the platforms that your audience uses and create suitable content accordingly. Studies have shown that social media platforms have different popularity among different would regions and different generations. We made a study at The Content Savvy to analyze this as well and you may have a look at the study results in the following articles. 

Social Media Platforms Study (part 1):  Platforms popularity among different generations
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4. Design an appealing Ad

From the same study mentioned above, we asked the participants whether they would judge an Ad from the quality of the Ad content and guess what? Only 7.3% said they wouldn’t judge an Ad from its quality! The rest 92.7% would judge it ranging from minimally to strongly. Hence, you need to make sure that your visuals are relevant to the ad and are made of high-quality, relevant, and eye-catching images or videos.

5. Study Ad results for improvement

One of the greatest things about Social Media Marketing is that you can always measure your performance with accurate figures. Make sure you study the Ad campaign performance during and after the Ad. Finally implement any conclusions or lessons you learn from your analysis in your next Ad campaign for better performance. 

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