5 Business Lessons to Learn from Squid Game
The global phenomenal thrilling Netflix Series

Marwa Al Krad|20 October 2021

Squid Game, one of Netflix’s biggest ever hits, has recently become a trendy topic everyone wants to analyze and talk about. Although the series from first impression might look to you as deadly kids games series, it seems like this global thrilling show has a lot of lessons to teach us. We chose to use the games for our analysis today and here are the five lessons we believe every business owner and entrepreneur can learn from the show. 

1. Do Not Panic!

From the first game played, which is Red Light, Green Light, you learn not to panic when you see other people fail or under pressure situations as this might cost you your business!

2. Find Alternative Solutions

From the Honeycomb Candy game which is also known as (Ppopgi), you learn that you don’t have to stick to the traditional ways of doing things. Think of creative ways and come up with new solutions!

3. Strategy and Teamwork

From the well-know Tug-of-War game where stronger teams are always expected to win, we learn that with a well-prepared strategy and teamwork, you can beat your competitors even if you have a smaller team.

4. Be-careful of who You Trust

From the marbles game and after what happened to innocent Ali, we learn not to fall for people we just met. Building trust is a process that takes time and actions.

5. Learn From Other’s Mistakes

Although the Glass Bridge game might feel like an only luck game, but it actually teaches us that It’s not always bad to finish last. You get the chance to learn from others’ mistakes which could cost them their whole business!

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